I hate to be so repetitive,

but I need to share my narrative.

I  am getting so angry,

with the way I’m treated

and how you’re portraying me.

I’m walked all over

and talked down to –

but I’m a good person,

what about you?

I’ve done my best in life.

I haven’t gotten too far,

but I’m doing alright.

My mom calls me once a month.

My dad loves my brothers more,

maybe not – it’s just a hunch.

 I’m the same person I’ve always been,

maybe a little more mature,

but still a trash bin.

I may be a little bit tipsy,

but I never demand better,

I just take what people give me.

 I should take a leap of faith,

then again, maybe not,

maybe this is my fate.

I just know I can’t do this anymore,

I’m in a downward spiral,

straight through the floor.

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