Tin Foil

It’s effortless

The warm rain

Dripping down my cheeks…

But everything else is hard.





The lies are so tangled up in who I am.

Alcohol doesn’t solve anything, it’s just another reminder.

The distant cheers in a bar,

The half-thought murmurs of a drunken male…

Eye contact.

Of any kind.

That’s the biggest lie of them all.

Eye contact where you think this person is seeing you as another being.

But they don’t.

Instead they’re assessing your worth by looking at your eye color,

Your cleavage,

Your teeth

Your skin.

It feels like tin foil in my mouth.

It’s exhausting.

You gutted me and it’s a wonder that I’m still alive.

I pray that you’re suffering.

It’s not very Christian, but I do.

You deserve it, honestly.

If I suffer for your mistakes…

I hope you suffer longer,


and more painfully than I do.

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