How do you even get out of bed in the morning,

when you live in an alternate universe?

When everything you believe is mocked

by the materialist morons who inhabit this world?

When people look you right in the eye,

and tell you that they don’t care?

They mean it, too.

They fill their empty souls with sheep lined boots,

and fried chicken.

Then they wash their guilt down with a cup

of another mother’s breast milk.

I feel weak and powerless,

like I could sacrifice myself

and they would make champagne toasts at my wake.

I need to put on a bullet proof vest every day,

just to be able to survive their stabs and piercing comments.

My world is black, filled with the dark knowledge of the truth.

There are no friendly faces, no common denominators and no kindness.

Every once in a while I’ll see another like myself,

we just silently nod, knowing that we can’t acknowledge it aloud.

There is so much pain, I want to be yanked from this world.

Most days I don’t know if I can fight this fight anymore.

But I don’t have a choice.

Because those who I am fighting for do not have a voice.

I have to scream for them, threaten for them and take the hits for them.

It will be worth it.

Maybe not in my lifetime, but in the next lifetime there will be peace.


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