The Host

It hit me today. The reason why people sort of wander off after a while.

Maybe I’m the host.

Maybe, people come to me for what they need…and then they’re gone.

I give them compliments, confidence…possibly even a little happiness.

I tend to be a great listener and a bad speaker. Maybe people just like to have someone that listens to them.

These passengers just latch on to me and they stay on for however long they need. Days, weeks, months…sometimes even years.

Once they have what they need, they detach and head back out into the world to find their next host.

I keep this a natural relationship. I don’t get attached.

In fact, I don’t even notice that the passengers are there most of the time.

I don’t share details about my life, my past or my thoughts.

I just live my life with half the energy and happiness that I could have if I weren’t a host.

But what if I stopped?

What if I stopped pouring little bits of myself into strangers, friends and coworkers?

What if I didn’t smile, or wave, or listen?

What if people couldn’t latch on, because I had nothing more to offer?

What would I be then?

A person?


2 thoughts on “The Host

  1. you know, i never looked at it like that, but it’s so true. A host to feed off of until they don’t need the source of what you feed them anymore. I was a host for a long time. Until therapy taught me to draw that line and stop it. Sadly now, I am pretty alone.

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