Do you ever wonder what would happen if your life was cut short? If you died younger than the average American? If tragedy struck?

What would your gravestone say? Do you have any clue?

I recon that mine would probably say something along the lines of:


Devin Wood 1995-2017

Here lays Devin, an inspired 22 year old woman. Throughout her life, Devin always sought outdoor adventures. She loved nature, especially animals. Fishing, hiking and running were some of her favorite pastimes. She always put family first and was a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt. Devin was an aspiring singer, song writer, musician, photographer and videographer. She will be missed by many.


If I died right now, there isn’t much else they could put on my gravestone. They would essentially have to find a nice way to say “she wanted to do a lot of things, but she never did shit about it”. Writing this isn’t even sad, it’s actually almost humorous. It’s just so brutally honest.

What would your gravestone say if you died today? Would your friends and family scramble to find words about your success and life…or would they have to buy a bigger stone just to fit all of your accomplishments on?


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