A or B

The world is such a complicated place. Don’t ever trust anyone who tells you that they’ve got it figured out. They’re probably the most confused out of us all.

Here is just one of my six billion theories. This one is based on things that I have witnessed happen in my young adulthood. I’m not saying I’ve got anything figured out, because my observations change every year or so. But, thats why they call it a theory.

There are two different kinds of people in the world, people who want worldly gain and rewards and people who want a more historical and untouchable sort of pay off.

The people who want the physical gain tend to focus on education and/or building a social platform. Making sure that they make important connections and are given the best opportunities. They aim for a job that is high paying, a spouse who is just as well decorated as they are and chubby-faced children that never fail to please. They are frequently fixing their house, getting new cars or chasing after a promotion. They believe that their money and possessions will make them happy, although all it ever does is leave them craving more.

Then, there are those who want to be remembered. Sort of in the way that everyone wants to be remembered, but more wide-spread. They’re all so desperate to make a difference in their 70 years or so that they drive themselves into a frenzy. They frequently put all of their eggs into a basket and abandon the idea shortly thereafter when their success isn’t building fast enough. They want to be actors, singers, Youtubers, athletes, saints, political candidates…..you name it, they’ll try it. They see how shallow money is, so they’re chomping at the bits to find something that will make them special. Something that will make them worth remembering.

I’m not saying that either of these “types” is better than the other. And sure, there are a lot of gray areas and details that make people unique. This is an unfortunate and naive ¬†generalization of our worlds population. Even so…I know which group I fall into.

Do you?


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