No Comment

My words for you are short and sweet; no comment. But, if I did have words for you…they wouldn’t be kind. They wouldn’t be warm and reflective. They wouldn’t be apologetic and understanding. They wouldn’t be consenting and excuse-ridden.

They would be straightforward and unforgiving. They would be sharp and mocking. They would be honest and painful. They would recall all of your words and unapologetic demeanor. They would highlight specific dates and timelines for the web that you spun. They would underline my shock, horror, acceptance and ultimate breakdown. But they won’t be any of these things, because I have no comment.

If asked, I wouldn’t give you the pleasure of reliving every detail. I wouldn’t cry and yell unintelligible swears at ¬†you. I wouldn’t dwell on the mental images and aching soul that I will live with forever. I wouldn’t argue about right and wrong. I wouldn’t discuss the gray area that you have chosen to live your life in. I wouldn’t say anything, because I have no comment.

You’ve left me with no choice but to be the girl. The girl who, when asked about you, tilts up her chin, smiles, and with blank eyes states…. “no comment”.


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