Checked Out

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA for a few days, sorry about that. The truth is that I just didn’t have much of anything to say. I’ve been sort of anxious lately because I want to move to a few different places and I can’t decide where and I’ve just been super busy. Blah blah blah, super interesting stuff.

Anyway. You know what question I’m tired of hearing? “Have you found any jobs that you like yet”? It makes me throw a silent temper tantrum every time. NO. No, I have not. You know why? I’m not looking for one. I’m trying to work for myself, so don’t give me your pity eyes. I don’t need you to to feel bad for me, or feel disappointed in me…in fact, I don’t need you to think about me at all.

No one tells you that when you quit your job, all you’ll hear about is finding a new job. I am VERY financially stable right now. I’ve worked my fingers to the bone over the last five years, specifically so that I would be financially stable. Yet, whenever anyone finds out that I have quit my job they immediately look stressed out. Then, they offer me a ton of advice on finding a new job.

You know what, I don’t need your advice. I KNOW what I want to do and it doesn’t include sitting in an office answering to some snooty priss all day. I’m not going to even try to explain my plans to you because, clearly, you have life all figured out anyway. I know that I’m ranting now. I know that. You just have no clue how much crap I’ve gotten about this decision. It literally impacts me….and only me. Nobody else.

People that I don’t even know that well end up finding out about it somehow and then decide that they’re going to share their infinite wisdom with me. I’m not a lost puppy in need of a good wash and a bone. I don’t need some do-gooder to take me up under their wing. I. Am. Fine. I’m not sinking, I’m swimming.

All of that being said, I’ve been mentally checked out for a while. I am just focusing on my projects and ignoring every word that comes out of another humans mouth. It’s all negative rubbish. Perhaps I’m hanging around the wrong humans. They’re all so invested in their own reality that they can’t understand that it’s fiction.

So, I’m gonna hit the hay. If you guys want to check out the latest video that I edited, follow the link below. It’s not the best…but hey, it’s mine.



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