The Dark

Hey guys…this post comes to you from the basement of a loved one. Some fairly awkward events from tonight have left me wide awake at this time of night. I hope that you all are sound asleep by now, but for me, I have to write.

Im wondering how it can be fair that youth passes by so quickly. All of the hopes, dreams and ambitions you once had quickly slip down the drain. The fond memories that you had of your baby brother or your new kitten quickly slip out of your hand. Like the fine sand that you find at a lake. And suddenly, it’s dark. Your whole future built on your actions. Your past, your upbringing and all of your fond memories won’t make up for the fact that you’re a failure in society’s eyes.

When I was fourteen, hardly eating and spending all of my time texting my boyfriend who lived a state away…I didn’t realize how fast life would go. I didn’t know that every friend that I had during that time was useless. I had no clue that I should just freaking BE who I wanted to BE. I wasn’t aware that it doesn’t matter what your SAT scores are or what colleges you get accepted into. Why can’t you grasp the concept of life when you’re that young? It’s not fair.

Ive seen people who have no choice. People who grew up in a time where choices didn’t exist. People who are in pain, but hide behind money and belongings. I’ve seen people who want plain, honest love. Does it exist? It doesn’t matter, because they’ll spend their whole lives looking for it. No matter how many times they’re disappointed, they’ll still stand back up and wait for the next blow.

Anyway, super fun and positive thoughts going on over here if you can’t tell. Perhaps unemployment doesn’t suit me.

Whatever…in going to sleep. Im hoping that the next time I┬átalk to you guys, I’ll have something nice to say.


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