Hey guys! It’s always so late when I post these now, because I’m up pretty late editing. On average, it takes me about 3-5 hours to edit a video to my liking. You would probably expect that it is a quick 30 minute ordeal, but when using Adobe Premiere, it can take a while.

Speaking of my little “side project”, I’ve been feeling pretty down about it the last couple of days. Sometimes I just wonder if I am a good enough fisher/filmer/editer to make any sort of income off of it. It’s so easy to compare yourself to other filmmakers and just feel bad about the stuff that you’re working on.

I know that these past few blogs have not been very fun to read. I’m just trying to give you guys a realistic view of what it looks like to quit your job to pursue your dreams. It’s a very difficult decision to make and once it’s made, it just gets harder from there. I know it will get easier later on, but for now I will have to work hard and put aside my self doubts.

Actually, while I was out hiking/fishing today, I ran into a man that used to do business with our firm. It was an odd experience for me, because here I was out in the wild chasing my dreams and then I see someone that I used to see several times a week at my 8 to 4. Mind you, this hiking spot is an hour out of my town, so it’s not causal to run into people you know there.

Anyway, I’m hoping I have some more inspiring words to share with you guys soon. I’m not going to lie though and brag about how happy I am just to prove a point. I want to be able to share my genuine experience with you, not just the social-media-friendly version.

Here is one of my latest projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je2KqomMSJk



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