First on the Fourth

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on as often, I’ve had a few projects that I needed to get done right away. I’ll link them below so that you can see! I, so far, am enjoying my little sabbatical. Although I am STRESSING out about not making money. I’m such a cheapo that I’m literally starting to calculate the cost of my gas whenever I drive anywhere. I just need to learn to calm down.

I just realized today that tomorrow will be the first time in over five years that I haven’t had a job on Fourth of July. And guess what? I won’t be seeing any fireworks 😦 which is a pretty big bummer, because I absolutely love them. Even so, it’s still a fun day.

I am not really feeling like myself lately. It may be because I’m stressin’ about my lack of a job, or just because I have been working so hard, but something isn’t quite right. I don’t know what it could be, but it is definitely putting a damper on my whole “inspired” chasing my dream thing.

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend (or just weekend for those of you who don’t celebrate the 4th). Please go see some fireworks tomorrow for me!

Safe travels everyone!


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