Hey everyone! I am writing my last blog post before I am officially free from my job. Next time you hear from me, I will be a free woman. It doesn’t seem like it’s real yet. I don’t have any plans besides to work hard this summer in order to get where I want to be.

I wanted to have some inspirational post all written out for you guys, but I just don’t have it in me today. Even though I am just hours away from breaking out of this mold, that doesn’t mean that I am immune to the issues of everyday life. Sometimes pursuing your dream can be so frustrating. Not that I am giving up, but I can see why people may have that urge.

Working with others when you are trying to reach your goals can be difficult too. Whether you’re just networking with other people to try to give yourself a boost, or if you are taking on a goal with a friend or family member- it adds a whole new dimension. You have to make sacrifices and be sensitive to what they’re interested in or what they want to do. Sometimes, you two have just completely different opinions about the way to approach it.

I think that the positives of working with someone you love greatly outweigh the negatives. But this is just a heads up – it is NOT easy. You’ll have to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of arguments, frustration and discomfort. Like I said, everyone is different and they want different things. The best way to approach working with a loved one (especially on important goals) is to be very open, honest and kind. You will always be able to work things out with a calm and mature conversation, but not so much with a screaming fight.




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