Help Wanted?

Hey guys! This week is moving slow, but I’ve got a lot to keep me busy for the next three days. There is something that has been pestering me lately so I thought that I’d share it with you.

Since I have made my decision to quit, I’ve had a lot of people give me a lot of advice. Now mind you, I haven’t been walking around offering up this information for just anyone to take. It just so happens that everyone and their brother has been asking me about my job and how it’s going. So, of course, I don’t want to lie.

Anyway, once they know that I’ve quit because I am unhappy….they begin to spew a bunch of information at me that I never asked for. It varies from tips on career choices, places to move, ways to start your own business, etc. I understand that they’re just trying to be helpful, but it comes across as pushy almost degrading.

Just because I’ve quit my job…that does not mean that I am looking to find another one immediately. I also do not need you to call in a favor from a friend, send me job openings or inform me of places that are hiring. I do not need to be inspired. I do not need a motivational speech. I am not depressed. I have not lost my mind.

Is it so hard to believe that my decision to quit has actually made me HAPPY? I have my own goals that I have worked very long and hard to create. I’ve spend years determining the path that I want to go down and I am still working on narrowing it in. I am closer than I have ever been and I only need positive reinforcements, not a back-up plan.

After about ten different people offering you advice about jobs, it makes you wonder if you have a “help wanted” sign on the back of your shirt. I am not saying that I never need help, but at this point in time – I’m good. Perhaps these people just can’t stand the idea of someone choosing something other than your typical 8-4?

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you guys? Whether it be once you break up with a boyfriend, quit your job, or sell your car – let me know if you’ve gotten unsolicited advice.


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