In Stride

Hey guys! I’ve found myself no longer hating Sunday evenings anymore. Why? Because this is my last week at my 8 to 4! I’m not saying that I won’t need to find another job in a few months, but as for now, I’m going to do what I love and see if I can get some results from that.

Now that I have five days left, reality is starting to set in. Part of me knows that it is going to be so so sweet to finally allow myself to embrace my dreams. Another part of me knows that I am huge cheapo and I love to save money. This will be the first time in nearly six years that I haven’t been either full-time schooling or working.

I’ve had a ton of doubts and anxiety about this decision. But, I feel that I’ve really taken in in stride and used it to make me work harder. The last thing that I want to do is quit my job to “relax”. I am not the sort of person who can not worry about the future, money, health and all of that stuff. I worry constantly. So, all of this pressure that I am putting on myself to earn some money and do well will push me to work really hard at my goals.

In reality, when you make a big decision you are going to wonder if it is the right one. You can let it scare you into making a safe and easy choice, or you can take it in stride and let it help you earn your rightful place in the world. I’ve said this sort of thing a billion times, but I’m going to say it again. If you believe that you can do it, then you can.

I have moments throughout the day where I am feeling 100% confident that I can do this. ¬†Annnd then I have moments where I am 80%, 60%, 30%…etc. It’s all normal, as long as you are still working hard no matter what. I find that it helps me to just work through the doubts anyway instead of stepping back and assessing the situation. When you’ve already made your decision, then you might have a “no going back” attitude about it.

I wish I had something better for you guys tonight, but thats where I’m at right now. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and for those of you who have an 8 to 4, at least 4th of July is a federal holiday!

Also, if you want to check out what I have been up to, I’ve posted a link to our most recent video below. We got to go to an awesome private bank on a local river, it was an awesome day!

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