What’s a Life?

*Do not read this if you’re not an “animal rights” person.

I had a bit of a traumatic Sunday. I already hate Sundays, they’re the worst day of the week by far. I went to visit with my sister yesterday and she lives in an area that is more “country” than where my house is located. The roads on the way there are beautiful, surrounded by mountains and trees.

Someone nearly hit me because they forgot to check their blind spot. I honked several times but they must have had their music blaring or something. After it was obvious that they were still going to merge, I laid on my horn. They finally jerked their car back into the other lane. Super interesting, I know. This was annoying, but not the trauma that I mentioned above.

A driver in front of me hit a beautiful male Cardinal and one of his wings was hurt. He was trying to fly up to survive as I passed him, so I quickly turned around. I was so shocked that the individual didn’t stop or turn around to help the little creature. I sped back to that hill, and there he was laying dead in the highway. One minute, alive and trying to survive, the next dead.

I’m not going to lie to you, I am very in tune with nature and I find that I connect with animals easily. Many tears were shed over this little bird. I believe everything that dies, deserves to have someone cry over it. Every death is a sad and unfortunate one. That sweet Cardinal no doubt had a nest full of chicks and a partner waiting for him.

What would someone have to hit in order to make them pull over? A bunny? A fox? A deer? A bear? A cat? A dog? A human? Seriously, I’d like to know. What would make you stop your car? I would stop for any one of those creatures, including a bird. There are so many facilities that rehabilitate animals that were hit by cars so there is no excuse for not stopping to show some kindness.

So, what makes something worth saving? Why is a dog any different than a wild animal? Because you know that their humans will be crushed if their dog is found dead on the side of the road? I just don’t understand the decision that gets made by someone to not at least stop and attempt to help the creature. Animals DO feel pain, that’s not something that is up for debate. Whether you like to think about it or not, because of you and your car there is something writhing in pain.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll never understand why someone thinks that five or ten minutes of their time is more valuable than a life – any life. It just makes me question how value is determined and what makes humans more valuable than animals. In my opinion, they’re worth all of our time, emotions and resources.


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