That Feeling

You know that excited/anxious feeling you get when you decide to make a huge change? That’s probably one of my favorite feelings ever. I’ve only ever experienced it maybe…four times in my life. Like I’ve said before, I hated change up until this year. But every time I’ve experienced it, it’s been incredible.

Now, I’m not a big fan of roller coasters. I feel like I’m going to fly off, hit a pole, and splatter into a million pieces. However, that’s what I am going to equate this feeling to. It’s like you’re coming up on a huge hill and the roller coaster starts to slow down. You can hear the clicks of the cart moving up the tracks. You reach the peak and sit there for a good five seconds before you begin your decent. Once the first cart is pointed downwards, it drags the rest of the coaster with it. Down you spiral, but your stomach is left back at the top of the hill.

That’s the feeling I’m talking about. The anxiety of slowly crawling to the top and then the instant joy that comes when you’re separated from your stomach. Making a big life change feels kind of like that. You wait and wait and wait until the time is right. It can be so painful to just sit still while you are slowly pushed forward. Then, when you’re ready, you take that plunge. Everything is new and exciting, it’s like living a completely different life. It’s addicting, I tell you.

For those of you who need me to elaborate a little bit, I’ll give you some examples. Say you’ve decided to go to college in a foreign country. That is a big decision. One that you probably feel extremely excited about. Or you’ve decided that you’re going to try to get pregnant. That’s another huge change to be happy about. Maybe even when you finally  part ways with your horrible job…… that, would give you a reason to be jubilant.

I’m on the cusp of a life changing decision like that and even thinking about it gives me chills. It’s such a liberating, “take charge” kind of feeling, and it’s impossible to beat. In my opinion, people should experience that feeling all the time. Unfortunately, we all get wrapped up in our comfort zone. So much so, that change seems like the enemy.

If you’re on the fence about a life change, I think that you should do it. Not that I know you, or your situation, but if you’re even thinking about the change then it’s probably what you truly want to do anyway. The worst thing that could happen is never really the worst thing.

Do you know the feeling that I’m talking about? How often do you get to experience it?




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