Half N’ Half

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good day. There was a pretty decent thunderstorm in my town today, it was beautiful. The lightning lit up the sky, and the thunder shook my car as I drove home. I love it when the rain pours down in sheets across the road, it reminds me that we’re not as in control as we like to pretend we are.

I felt like a robot today at work. I was simply going through the motions and not even paying attention to how boring it was. I didn’t realize what time it was until my stomach was growling for lunch. I grabbed some coffee, which seemed to cure my robotness. Unfortunately, that meant that I was painfully aware of my tasks for the day.

As I was headed out the door, I thought about something that made me smile a little bit. There are two halves to happiness; the material half and the mental half. The material half is obviously a fun job with decent pay and benefits (or the shoes, fishing rod – whatever it is that you want). The mental half is the way that you allow yourself to feel about it.

Now, I am not one to preach to you about positivity. God knows that positivity is my weakest link. I wouldn’t call myself negative, but I have no sunny disposition. I’m very realistic in my expectations and my view of the world. So, I feel that I view my job for what it is; a decent paying, mindless gig. I could go into detail- but I’ll spare you for now. I allow myself to feel fairly negatively towards my job because it is not something that I enjoy, can grow with, or make a lot of money in.

However, I suppose I could choose the high road and decide that I should just accept this position for what it is. I should just let myself feel grateful for what I have. I’m not saying that I am going to just accept this job as my new life – hell no. I don’t normally curse, but seriously, no. I am not seeing myself there for another month, let alone another decade. Do you understand what I’m saying though? I need to let go of some of my anger towards this place so that I can get through the week a little easier. There is no sense in letting myself be so miserable.

Satisfaction is half and half. With a bad attitude, you can let any life situation make you feel horrible. You have to accept the position that you are in, while you work towards a better one. This does not mean giving in and giving up. This simply means that you are not going to make yourself miserable while you work to make a difference. Try to be at least slightly positive, even if it is only because you know that you are going to be going through a change.

Do you let your attitude ruin your week?


2 thoughts on “Half N’ Half

  1. My day job is an English teacher to Chinese children. As much as I have issues with my job, thankfully, my attitude can changes with each class! Yes, seeing the bright side of things does make work much easier. And if it is proving too hard, may I suggest a little Monty Python to whistle? It works for me!

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