The good guys

For a Monday, today was okay. I’m one day closer to the weekend, so I can’t complain. I had a fairly important meeting today which ended up going well. I felt really good about how everything went. However, it did leave me with one thought that is now tormenting me, ping-ponging around in my head.

How do you tell the good guys from the bad guys*? This may seem like a really random thought to have after a work meeting, but if you knew the context, you’d understand. Just because someone is really friendly, it certainly does not mean that they are a good person. But the naive side of me really wants to believe that everyone has good intentions. I don’t believe in bad people, but bad intentions.

Even so, how do you know whether their intentions are truly good or bad? I’d like to think that I can tell, but if I am being honest with myself…I have no sense for this sort of thing. I am not a people person, but I am not a mean-spirited one either. It’s important to know, though. I don’t want to share certain information with people when they may just use it for a negative cause. I do want to share specific information with people who could benefit from it.

I am friendly to everyone, even if they are unfriendly to me. That’s just who I am. Kill them with kindness. But sometimes it is so difficult and frustrating. If I knew who had bad intentions, I would still be kind to them. However, I would simply share surface-level information with them as opposed to the meaningful stuff.

Maybe I should just stay surface-level with everyone. But as a human being, I would like at least two or three relationships in my life to be meaningful. I think that is a natural longing that everyone has, even if you stuff it away. Typically, I am not the sort of person to admit this sort of thing, but I’m coming to grips with reality. I want to build memories and that is hard to do when I keep so much to myself.

Today’s post was sort of random. Maybe it’s a part of my quarter-life-crisis. Do you ever wonder about people’s intentions? How do you deal with it?

*By guys, I mean people. I just like referring to it as “bad guys” vs. “good guys”, because that is how dramatic it feels in real life.


4 thoughts on “The good guys

  1. I think that with time, you learn how to interpret a persons intentions through multiple interactions with them and observations of them. It’s not something I find myself wondering about very often, though. I tend to trust with good faith that all people have good intentions. And if you think about it, probably they do, it just depends on how you look at it. Most likely, people have good intentions for themselves, and if it starts to feel like they have bad intentions toward you, it’s probably because they are too focused on themselves to care about other people, or because they feel like you are a threat to their goals.

    So for instance, a person who works for the same company as you might have an intention to climb the ranks and become a manager. That’s a good intention. But if you are also looking to do the same thing, then their intentions might not be so good for you.

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    1. Very thoughtful comment! I agree, many times people do have good intentions, they may just have a negative impact on you. Sometimes the real issue is just selfishness. I am more like you, I typically just assume that people have good intentions. Today was a just a blue moon where I stopped and actually observed some questionable intentions.

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