Jack of all trades

I’ve been having a really nice weekend so far. Working hard, but having a good time doing it. That’s the way I truly like to spend my weekend. Part of me really wants to just lay in my bed, order takeout and watch a good comedy. And believe me, I have done that for entire weekends before. But I always feel like crap on Monday morning because I know that nothing is going to change without effort. So, here I am, working hard to make a change.

You know, sometimes I avoid meeting new people or trying new things. I don’t do that because I am lazy, or stubborn. It’s just that when I form a friendship with someone or get involved with a new hobby, I give a part of myself to that person or activity. I am a very passionate person, and I’ve learned that not everyone values friendship as much as I do and that I am also not good at everything. So, when friendships dwindle off, it makes be genuinely sad for the loss. And when I try really hard to take on a new hobby that doesn’t come naturally to me, I get very frustrated.

I’ve been trying to work on this, because I like to have my hands in multiple projects at once. However, I’ve been thinking a lot about that phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”. For the longest time I had only heard that phrase in bits and pieces. For example, someone would tell me that they’re a “Jack of all trades”, or some that they’re “Master of none”. I didn’t realize that those two statements went together.

It’s true, though. If you think about it, when you spend all of your time doing different activities, you are getting better at each of them. However, you cannot be the master of any of them if you don’t give them the proper attention. I wouldn’t say that I am the master of anything right now and I’m also not good at a bunch of things either. But if I were going to choose one, I’d rather be a master at something.

If you are known as a master in your field, then people know to go to you for that one thing. If you’re kind of good at a bunch of things, no one is going to come to you for advice on any particular trade. If you like spending your time doing multiple projects then you should continue to do so, because it makes you happy. However, if you’re really attempting get recognition for your work, I recommend that you spend most of your time working on one thing.

All things considered, I suppose it is a good thing that I am so passionate. I’ve been interested in the same two or three hobbies for most of my life. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be considered a “master” in said trade. Or maybe I’ll give in to my craving for Chinese food and a whole weekend of Netflix.

Do you consider yourself a Jack or a Master? Why?



11 thoughts on “Jack of all trades

  1. I believe that I’m a bit of both. We become masters with time, but not magically. Apart from being persistent we need a lot of inspiration or motivation. I love art and whoever that got to a cathartic moment in life. Somebody that found no limits and did the impossible. Immortal people and also ephemerous things and situations. Meaningful interactions are priceless.

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    1. I agree! It takes a lot of persistence to become a master at anything. I believe that the time is what stops people from attempting to become a “master” at anything. Everyone is inspired by something different and I love that you’re inspired by art!

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  2. Hi, firstly thanks for the like on my post.
    Secondly for years I felt jack of all trades master of none but recently since I got the job I’ve been waiting my whole life for I feel like I’m focusing all of my energy into my writing. It’s a great feeling when you finally find where you fit.

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