Sometimes, you’re just tired. Tired…and disappointed. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve let yourself down. As though where you are is where you will always be. You’ve tried and tried, and somehow, you’re not cut out for a better life. This is where you were meant to be, and nothing that you can do will change that.

You’re wrong, though. Those thoughts are the weakest part of you, the part of you that hates change. You weren’t meant to be unhappy. In what world would you exist, simply to be unhappy? Try harder, longer, faster. Write, sing, dance, film, edit, run….for fifteen minutes longer. What will it hurt? What else would you be doing in those fifteen minutes?

Let the exhaustion be proof that you’re doing your best. If you continue to try your hardest, you’re going to get what you want. You’ll either achieve your goals, or die of exhaustion. I, for one, would rather die attempting to reach my dreams, than live forever wondering if I have the ability. Snap out of it, of course you have the ability. As long as you’re breathing, you have no excuse not to try.

Who cares what advantage others have over you? You have an advantage over them, too. You have something that no one else does, something that has never been seen before. The way you think, function and see the world is different than everyone else. You can offer a new piece of advice, perspective, idea, or thought process. You’re competition, they just don’t know it yet.

I continue to chant these things to myself after a long day at work. It’s so much easier to say them, and believe them, when they’re meant for someone else. Still, I press on with more ideas and projects to come. I hope to share one of my big ones here in a month or so…we’ll see.

Hopefully, you needed some encouragement and this helped you out. Otherwise, you’re probably just sitting there smirking at your computer because this was so cheesy. Yeah, well, it isn’t as easy as it looks.




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