Just Quit

When I say “just quit”, I don’t mean give up. I mean give in. I think that most people are faking it in some area of their life. I know that I am guilty of it – I may even be the worst of us all.  Whether you are faking happiness in a relationship that is empty, faking satisfaction at a dead-end job, or even faking your personality, just quit. Give into your natural instincts to be yourself. Why not?

Now, I am not encouraging you to just give up on your job or your marriage. But eventually, you will lose the ability to fake and it will be more destructive the longer that you wait. Tell your partner that you’re needing something more from them, ask your boss about potential opportunities, take the time to figure out who you really are. Why not?

None of these things can hurt you. Your spouse may feel defensive, but they cannot be angry. Communication is essential and talking about issues is ALWAYS better than not talking about issues. Problems do not solve themselves. If your boss tells you that there is no potential for growth, or change of any kind….look for a new job. Nothing bad can happen if you just scroll down Indeed to see what other jobs are in the area. If your friends are uncomfortable with the way you really are, then ditch them. You don’t want to feel like you have to put on a mask for the people who are supposed to love you.

Why do we resist this natural urge to tell the truth? Fear that the truth will do more harm than good? Being honest will never be more destructive than lying or faking. I believe that everything happens the way it is supposed to. I also think that lying will only delay that process and cause you more pain along the way. Example: If you’re faking satisfaction at your job, you are preventing yourself from looking for a new job. If you accept that you are not happy, you can eventually find another job that makes you happier. Either way, you will end up at this new job, but if you lie to yourself about your level of satisfaction, you will just end up there at a later time. Do you get what I’m saying?

Look, at best, you have around 100 years to live. At best. Don’t you want to spend most of those years being happy as opposed to gritting your teeth and holding a grudge against “fate”? Who is really winning in this situation? It’s certainly not you. “Just quit” does not mean “give up”, it means to try harder. Try harder to become the person you want to be. Try harder to foster your relationships, and take care of the people that you love. Try harder to be honest with your every word, action, and intention. So…just quit faking.

Disclaimer: This is not a motivational speech for you, per se. It’s really geared towards me. I’m struggling with a lot faking right now, and discussing the issue in detail helps me resolve it. If you like the advice, take it, if you don’t then just leave it.

Do you ever find yourself faking things? Happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, kindness? I wonder what the most “faked” emotion in the world is…


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