Why not me?

Well, it’s that time again. I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days, but at least I’ve taken a couple of steps towards my goals. I say that as if I actually have goals. I really don’t, and I’ve heard that one of the best ways to succeed is to make goals and stick to them. Lol.

Really, all that I know is that I’m not supposed to be living where I am, doing what I am. I’d like to be able to work from home, and do something a little bit different every day. I have several different hobbies/dreams, so if I could focus on one each day, I’d like that. I’ve tried to sit down and make myself write down long term goals, but that’s not how I function. I wish that I could be more specific about my objectives, but I’m just not there yet.

Even though I use technology daily and I rely on it to get pretty much everything done, I still resent it. At least once a day I find myself thinking that the world would be a better place if we could go back to the basics. You know, riding horses, wearing bonnets, all of that good stuff. It just seems like society (including myself, obviously) has gotten so wrapped up in college*, money and politics, that we are reading too much into everything.

Instead of a high school senior thinking, “I really love to sing and I’m good at it. Maybe I’ll go ahead and record some stuff and see what happens”, they are thinking “I have to get good grades so that I can get into a really prestigous school, so that I have more opportunities to work a desk job that I will complain about for the rest of my life”. Okay, so maybe they’re not thinking that exactly. But they might as well be!! I remember what it is like to be a freshman in college and believe that as long as I am getting paid good money, I won’t really care what I’m doing. It’s because society places such value on currency, that we are brainwashed to believe that it’s interchangeable with happiness.

Now, I’m no fool. I know that money buys clothes, food, beer, electronics, a house and chocolate. I know that money is a necessity to survive and it also makes life a lot more comfortable and safe. But, when you spend 50K on a car…..you have TOO MUCH money! When did travel become so complex? You need a vehicle to get from point A…..to point B, right? Okay, you need one that is reliable enough to get you from point A to point B, sure. Maybe even a car that is a specific color, or make – truck, sedan, etc. However, I fail to see why you need one that is candy apple red, with a convertible hood, that can go faster than any American speed limit. Annnyways….

That whole paragraph was really unnecessary, but someone has to say it, okay? The same thing goes for clothing, shelter, and food. Although I do love food. The point is, life seems to have gotten too complicated. Children learn this from their parents and peers, and then grow up to repeat the cycle. Only a few diamonds in the rough make it through and get a chance to do what they actually love. Why is it them that end up breaking the mold? I don’t know.

Small disclaimer, I’m not trying to offend anyone out there who loves their office job. I know that there are people who worked really hard in school to have the job that they currently work- and they love it. I’m referring to the the vast majority of people that I have met and/or worked with, who end up hating their desk job.

So, all of this random babbling leaves me to think about my own life and how important I thought money was going to be. I may not have a specific career-goal in mind, but I do have a life goal and it is to be happy. I know that there are nomads out there traveling around, experiencing life, adventuring, writing and fulfilling their dreams. If they can do it, why not me?



*I use the word college instead of education, because I think¬†that they’re two very¬†different things. I believe that education is extremely important, and can be reached in many ways. College is certainly one of the ways to educate yourself, but definitely not the only way. Short rant.



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