Long Day, Short Week

Is it just me, or does it seem like each week passes by more quickly than the last? Yet, somehow, I find myself counting every second of every day. It seems as though I do an hours worth of work and only five minutes go by. Ahh, well.

I get these waves of passion, each one exuding more power. Passion for music, creation, learning, writing, and so many other things. But, like I said above, they’re just waves. I ride them out, feeling invigorated and wearing an unbreakable smile….then when the wave closes, I nearly drown in the passion that has fallen flat. Does that make sense? Is that a weird metaphor? You get it.

In other words, when I am feeling inspired, its like I could do anything. Be anything. Yet somehow, just as quickly as it arrives, this inspiration flees. I’m not quite sure what to do with that. This is a weekly, sometimes daily, routine. I’ll tell you, it truly is exhausting living out four different dreams in two and a half hours.

So, I’ve learned to embrace these rogue waves and try to get something done before they crash, pushing my face back into the sand. I don’t know whats with me and beach metaphors today. I guess I’m feeling beachy.

I know that it would be more beneficial to just work on one dream. I know, I know, I know. Unfortunately, that is not how my brain works. I have about five main hobbies, and I have to rotate them or I loose interest completely. I think about each of them daily, and I’m constantly coming up with new ideas to implement. By the end of the day, I have to pick which one I am going to focus on. I always enjoy myself, but lately I’ve been in a rut and it is harder to enjoy the things I love. Probably the whole quarter-life-crisis thing.

You can pretty much assume that if I’m here, writing, then I’ve probably just fallen flat on my face. In this case, I haven’t just yet. Though, I did happened to see an unfortunate Youtube video, and that sort of tied an anchor to my whole night. They should really warn you if the topic is something serious, or upsetting…

Anyway, do you ever ride waves of creative passion? Or is this just me?


3 thoughts on “Long Day, Short Week

  1. Hey hey hey I just instantly connected with your words here and felt a huge urge to know you better haha.
    You know I get the same, waves of motivation and passion and flow. At the same time I’ve had many hobbies and daily practices yet I always happen to have those ups and those hard downs. One teacher of mine, a Tibetan Monk, told me that even though I might love then thousand things it is important to really take just a couple and give all you have there. Naturally we will be up and down. Because of this we should practice something which keeps us present and alert. Meditation, sport… emotional release so we don’t attach to those down moments and can keep going full throttle. Personally what has helped me is really building my own rhythm. This I base on two things: my happiness and the happiness I can bring to this world. So one I deal with daily practices like Yoga, sport, exercise, really getting into me and just flowing in my cells. The other comes naturally as you do what you feel passionate about and confident, so at the end you feel super motivated, inspired and passionate. You know, feeling happy, plus motivated because what you do makes you happy and makes an impact is simply overwhelmingly awesome. I’ve noticed that my strongest motivation and passion comes when I just flow, no attachment to anything in particular and yet without thinking, what I do inspires and serves as an example. When this happens I simply feel fulfilled. You know things blossom naturally and if we force it it will be a mechanic flower, which is ugly. This is just like a general life advice that I felt like sharing. I don’t even know if it really has to deal with this post, but I felt like sharing with you. Ups and downs they are beautiful ❤ just as your writing and surely also like you. 🙂

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    1. Cool! I’m glad to hear that you connected with my thoughts here. This was definitely one of my most honest posts. I always feel best when I get my exercise in. I’ve had this feeling for a couple of months now that makes me want to try harder. But then I get down again, and it makes me feel like nothing. And so on, and so forth. But that’s some good advice! In general, I don’t overthink anything. I typically go with my gut feeling and end up happy with my decision. I’m just not going to live the way that I live now forever. Because, unfortunately, I’m pretty dissatisfied. However, I’m remaining positive because I know that I have the ability to change my future. So, I am going to!

      Thanks for the comment!


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